Leveraging Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Together for “Surround Sound” in Fundraising and Marketing

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surround-soundJeanne Harris (Vice President of Client Services at SCA Direct) has a great article this week for the Integrated Marketing Advisory Board:

At our disposal are a multitude of vehicles in which to deliver our marketing and fundraising messages. The combined power of mail and digital marketing to formulate a holistic “surround sound” can deliver formidable marketing messaging and create synergy between all available and appropriate channels.  

Jeanne’s six tips:

  1. Understand the “end goal” you are looking to accomplish and the metrics for measuring success.
  2. Engage all key stakeholders — the offline team and digital teams — in regular status meetings.
  3. Identify the key constituent audiences relevant to a successful outcome and the channels they are most active in.
  4. Pillar direct mail appeals are the best starting place for integration efforts in the mail and on the digital front.
  5. There are a number of products and suppliers that can help facilitate a digital ad campaign to support an offline appeal.
  6. If you conduct surveys offline and/or online — use the tallied responses to report back to your constituents.

Read the full article on the IMAB blog

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